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Volunteer with the Festival

We need you.

The Festival depends on volunteers—from helping to create programming to checking in attendees. Volunteers must be age 16+.

We appreciate the gift that volunteers make to organizations and events like ours, and we recognize that not everyone can volunteer. Volunteers will receive discounts, special passes, and more, TBD.

Volunteering can help students and others gain valuable job skills. If a specific experience would look good on your résumé, please let us know. 

Opportunities are limited. Let us know ASAP.

SIgn up to volunteer.

Last updated: June 2023

Here's how we need you ....

Summer-Fall 2023

Interested in working with the planning team to flesh out the details of planned programs?

If you have an hour or two a week and can work remotely by computer, and like to solve puzzles like what else can you do with binoculars besides look at birds, or how do you clone an extinct bird, sign up above to let us know! Mostly online.

You’re going birding anyway…be a trip scout and share your impressions. We’d be delighted to have your input.

Sign up above with your location, and we’ll send you a checklist of things we’d like to know, along with some suggested trips in your area

Thank you!

Program committee volunteers assist in developing, evaluating, testing and fleshing out ideas for programming. A couple of hours a month. 

Fall-Winter 2023

The next round of program committee volunteers assist in refining select programming proposals.  This might including talking with potential presenters or trip leaders evaluting details and figuring out how to make a trip extra special.

Our aim is to make all Festival programs as low-impact and (ideally no impact) as possible. If you’d like to join us in questioning choices and finding a better way, let us know.

If you like data and would like to help develop and analyze relevant data for Festival programs, we’d love to talk. 

Winter 2023-2024

Check back in September.