This policy was last updated on June 1, 2022. For questions, please email us. We welcome questions and comments.

Birding Ethics

In addition to the interpersonal conduct expectations described here, we urge all attendees and participants to review the ABA Birding Code of Ethics.  Anyone behaving in a way contrary to these standards during the Festival may be asked to leave. 

Zero Tolerance for Harassment

The Boston Birding Festival has ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying and harassment.

The Festival strives to make participants feel welcome at our events. We believe birding is for everyone and that everyone deserves to be treated with consideration and respect. Our events will include a wide variety of people with many different backgrounds, abilities, identities, ages, and views. This policy extends to attendees, staff, trip leaders, speakers volunteers, exhibitors, contractors, security, etc. in all spaces where Festival programming takes place or is being created or presented as well as any service areas and in any Festival van, bus, boat, etc.

If you witness or experience behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable, please immediately find a staff member you trust and request assistance. You can also call the office or text us at the number printed on your name tag. The Festival will have a trained staff member who is committed to taking prompt action, including asking the offending party to leave the event or contacting local law enforcement. In the case of reported harassment, a staff member or security personnel will escort the individual(s) to a safe location while the situation is handled.

The Festival is particularly concerned with the following:

  • Unwelcome or inappropriate physical contact or attention
  • Offensive comments or verbal abuse 
  • Harassment or bullying related to age, ability, appearance, health status, citizenship, color, race, or gender identity
  • Intimidation, stalking, physical assault
  • Use of email, forums, or social media to harass or bully Festival staff, trip leaders, exhibitors, presenters, or attendees
  • Disruption of Festival programming 

In addition, If you observe anyone harassing birds or other wildlife, or carelessly or deliberately engaged in damaging habitat, please notify Festival staff or your trip leaders. 

A trained facilitator will be available during the Festival to provide support to victims and manage any reported incidents. We will make their contact information available to participants and attendees at that time.

We ask everyone to be considerate and generous of spirit and to assume the best, not the worst of each other. By registering for the Festival or any of its events, you agree to abide by this policy. Thank you!