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All proposals are carefully considered and selected by community volunteers and the Festival organizers. We appreciate your interest and effort.

Please do not spend too much time on your proposal. We mostly want to know you are out there and that you’d like to work with us and that you have an idea you like.

We will work closely with selected presenters to shape programming that is aligned with our goals and audience  (and time slots. Our goals include diversity and representation, a clear vision, and high potential for impact and awe.

We appreciate content that pushes boundaries of what a birding topic typically is and presents new knowledge in new ways. We look for strong scientific credibility and themes that connect to broader and urgent environmental challenges.

Because reviewers are volunteers, reviewing proposals can take some time, but we try to respond within 3 weeks.

Spaces are limited. 

Prefer to chat first? We can do that, too.

Please email hello @ bostonbirdingfestival.org and we’ll find a time. Please include as much detail as possible. Thanks!

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