Ready To GET Out there?

The Boston Birding Festival seeks to be a platform for organizations and leaders working for greater environmental justice, conservation, climate solutions, and sustainability. 

We believe that birds can be a point of access to transformative conversations about environmental challenges. Birds can connect people emotionally,  personally, and concretely to environmental challenges, and birding can galvanize support for a more environmentally just, biodiverse, and sustainable path forward.

A Festival can inspire collective action, bridge divides and reduce obstacles that create friction when what we need is progress. Join us by becoming a partner!



Festival Program Partners are actively involved in conservation, environmental justice, environmental science, biodiversity, climate, advocacy, and outdoor/nature access and education. In addition, we also welcome cultural, arts, and media organizations to partner with us as they are critical to sharing the stories and histories and to framing the present and future of the environmental challenges we face.

We are also especially interested in working bird and nature clubs that are valued by their communities and are managed by their members. 

The Festival team works closely with each Partner or group of partners to develop Festival experiences identified as being sponsored or co-sponsored by our Partners 

Such experiences could include a presentation (online or in-person) workshop, field trip, a participatory science research effort, a young birder experience, a social event, an exhibition, an activity at the venue, etc. 

By becoming a partner you help us ensure that the Festival can offer a catalog of experiences to a wide audience that elevates the diverse environmental and conservation organizations that share similar goals

Let's Talk

If you’d like to work with us on an event, exhibition, performance, or special program, please email us at hello@bostonbirdingfestival. org, and we will set up a call. We look forward to speaking with you.

To see our growing list of Program Partners, click here [LINK]. COMING SOON


What Kinds of Organizations Can become Partners

A small bird club can be a partner, and a major climate change organization, land trust, conservation nonprofit or museum could be a partner. It is this diversity that will make the Festival a more interesting and rewarding experience for everyone. If your organization's mission includes a greater appreciation or understanding of nature, ecology, habitat, birds, biodiversity, climate or environmental justice, we'd love to talk.

Is there a cost to being a partner?

No. Partnerships are unpaid agreements. In developing a program with you, we work together to assess the costs of any program and collaborate on a plan to cover those costs.

Why should an organization partner with the Festival?

We think many organizations will benefit from new audiences, the opportunity to show a different side of their community commitment, and a chance to learn from other organizations and to be part of the Festival.

We are all in this together, bound by common goals despite a diversity of approaches. We all benefit from partners and greater connection as we work toward environmental justice, the preservation of biodiversity and meeting the challenges of climate change.

We don't usually do programming or presentations — can we still be involved?

Our team includes people who can work with you to brainstorm a great concept and define the parameters and goals for a program. We can also manage some logistics and provide, for example, coaching for an inexperienced presenter, visuals and tech support, and more.

We are here to work with you to create an engaging Festival experience that will help you communicate your ideas.