We know what you do is Hard Work.

Several times a year, we organize private small-group walks for people who aren’t necessarily birders, but who work on climate, biodiversity, environmental justice, native plants and pollinators, watershed protection, conservation law, sustainability, science education, public health, environmental justice, food security, farmland, marine life, nature access, artists and writers who focus on birds and nature, etc. 

The idea is a low-stress bird walks in a beautiful place that might inspire conversation among people from different backgrounds and disciplines who share the a common goal, larger goal. The walks focus on birds and habitat and allow participants to imagine and sometimes see the impact and potential of their work in nature.

These walks last about 60-90 minutes over flat paved or grassy ground, though some walks may be more a bit more rugged. We typically cover about 2 miles. Walks sometimes wrap up with a quick tailgate breakfast. 

You don’t have to already have to be a birder, and we have some binoculars to lend. 

We try to keep these walks fairly small so people can get to know each other a bit, and we also try to ensure a variety of disciplines are represented.


It’s our way of saying thanks!


If you’d like an invitation (and a + 1) to a future walk, please sign up.

We’ll send you an email confirmation with more details and let you know in advance when the next walk is scheduled in your area. Thank you!

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