Got an Idea? Submit a Proposal
Got an Idea? Submit a Proposal

Submit a proposal

Learn more about our mission and approach before submitting a proposal.

We invite proposals from individuals and organizations interested in offering an online presentation, walk, or other in-person events as part of the Festival.

Programs need to be relevant, appeal to a birding audience, produceable, not duplicative of other widely available programming, and show potential for creating “collective awe.” We appreciate your interest and effort. 

Please do not spend too much time on your initial proposal. We mostly want to know you are out there that you’d like to work with us. We’re also happy to talk and answer questions.

Community volunteers and Festival organizers carefully consider all proposals (want to be a reviewer? Email us). This means reviewing proposals can take some time, but we try to respond within a month.

There is an upside, though—feedback from the community can be extremely valuable in refining a concept. This is especially important as we try to offer content that engages different segments of the birding audience.

Opportunities are limited.


We’re working on an FAQ for proposals —in the meantime, please email any questions you have to hello@ Thanks!

Examples of the types of programs we're interested In offering

Conversations with authors and scientists

Birding in new and unexpected places

Understanding alarm calls/behavior or chip notes or flight note or the predawn chorus

Audio gear for birding

Xeno Canto, eBird, radar, MOTUS, and iNaturalist

Participatory science projects related to birds


Speciation and species flocks

Planning a Big Year, or what anyone one thinking about a Big Year should know

Indigenous history and perspectives on New England birds

Trail camera photography and videographs


Human behavior around birds/ the human-bird connection

Classroom bird projects for teachers

The social and political lives of ducks

What is an egg?

Birds of riparian habitats

City park bird walk & clean up

Kayaking, biking or tree-climbing while birding

Native plants, pollinators and  and birds

Field sketching

Emily Dickinson

Birds and dinosaurs

Blue Jay behavior

Understanding the wrack line

Nightime bird walk

Silent bird walk/disco

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