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The Festival offers unique programming often created in partnership with other organizations, Our topics are broad, but we emphasize birds, conservation, environmental justice, birding skills for beginning birders, science, and more.

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What's ON DECK

Assorted moths

The Cambridge Moth Ball (July, 24th)

July 24th! Come and be dazzled by the extraordinary nighttime creatures known as Moths. Marvel at their mysterious habits, coloration, and special place in our ecology as you learn how to attract and ID moths.

Domestic cat with a dead bird in its mouth

Let’s Talk About Cats

According to the latest research and data, In the US alone, 2.4 billion birds are killed by outdoor cats annually—around 70% of this is attributable to feral/unowned and free-range cats. The impact on the bird population is staggering. What to do?

Coffee beans in a cup

Bird-Friendly Coffee Tastings

Almost 90 % of the coffee Americans drink harms bird habitat and contributes to climate change. We want to show you that if birders switched their brew, even just a few days a week, we could make a big difference. Join us for a cup.



Almost every birder uses them. But when was the last time you looked at them instead of through them? Bring your bins and join us on zoom to learn more about your binoculars.



Plan to join us for our 2025 multi-day hybrid (in-person and virtual) Festival with lots of surprises and special guests.

2025 INCUBating Now

and a LITTLE seabird quiz

A gull standing on a rocky shore


Bird and nature walks in beautiful places. Learn about unique species and habitats.


Speakers and panels from a variety of disciplines sharing new discoveries and persepctives on on birds, habitat and more.


Up your skills—from the basics to radar, recording, sketching and more.


Beginners enthusiasticaly welcomed!

Photo Treks & Talks

Birders who want to photograph and photographers who want to bird and photograph birds. Add new skills, get feedback and discover how to use the power of images for impact.

Participatory Research & Science

Brders can make a difference simply by birding. Your list for the day can inform conservation, research and even bring attention to community needs


Take action on behalf of birds, climate, and community greenspace. We're partnering wth community advocates and organizers to bring awareness to urgent issues.

a dainty gull with a black head in shallow water


From musuem exhibitions to poetry to painting, music and architecture, the arts encourage us to appreciate birds in new ways.

Fun & Games

Fun, games and social gatherings for birdy, bird-curious and birder-adjacent friends.


Pelagic trips. Overnights. And adventurous destinations. Watch this space.


Join us a work day at a neighborhood park or beach clean-up, remove invasive species, or build nesting boxes. We share ways where birders can help others.


The Festival is working with a number of organizations to offer professional development programming and certifications. Stay tuned!

Seabird ID QuiZ

Sea birds are tricky to ID. They look different at different ages. Size can be hard to judge. You often have to look for them in winter, with the sun in your eyes, or while out at sea. Some hybridize to confound you. But sea birds are a lot of fun to watch—even if you don’t know what they are. They’re smart, fearless, athletic, brilliant problem solvers able to perform amazing feats of strength and agility—from flying sideways in formation to hovering in mid-air, diving deep under water, walking on water and napping through a nor’easter. We’re lucky to have lots of them in New England.

Herring Gull
Great Black Back Gull
Black-Legged Kittiwake
Lesser Black Back Gull


Iceland Gull
Glaucous Gulll
Laughing Gull
Bonaparte's Gull

Manx Shearwater
Greater Shearwater
Common Tern
Roseate Tern

All photos courtesy of Getty Images